At YOGA JIVE, we simply wish to share great yoga tutorials, that you can access anywhere/ anytime.

Are you a busy professional? A mum on the run? A vagabond/ traveller? It can be super hard to find the time or places to get in a great yoga session, so here you can access where ever you are and have a spare 15 – 25 minutes (average tutorial times).

Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility, and develop muscle strength with low impact exercises, in a way that also promotes positive energy flow which helps alleviate mental stress. If you have physical injuries, or suffer from stress, give our tutorials a go, and see positive changes after only a couple of weeks of regular classes.

We update regularly, and each post will target specific needs, such as beginners, people in specific sports, or low impact for pregnant ladies. So please subscribe and share if you love what were doing, its all totally free, so you’re friends and family would love to know about YOGA JIVE as well, share the love peeps 😀